He’s Back


Monday’s Dog Blog

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  You know, sometimes, you try to get some sleep around here and it is useless.  I can sleep through just about anything, but when the antenna monster comes back, all heck breaks loose.

There I was, sound asleep in my cozy bed.  The Sheriff had even went to sleep and was off duty.  I don’t know who was standing guard, because apparently a criminal decided to invade us.

In Florida, everything is big.  Everything, including and specially the bugs.  Do you remember last week’s blog about the roach?  The giant roach?  Yes, the roach monster with the giant antennas that caused all mayhem in our house? Well, he escaped and we could not find him.  That is, until last night.

Boy Person got up from bed to get a drink.  It was dark.  Of course it was dark, it was night.  It was as dark as that caro syrup the persons put on their pancakes.  But not light enough to see pancakes.  You know, now that I am thinking about it, why don’t we describe everything in relation to pancakes? I am going to have to suggest that to the Sheriff.  So anyway! I got sidetracked.  Almost as sidetracked as butter when it slides off your pancake.  Ok.  Enough.

So!  Boy Person got up to get a drink and take his medicine and we hear “Bah!!!! The roach is on me!” Next thing we hear are pills flying everywhere. Girl Person covered her head with the covers and yelled to him to get it out! He told her too late, it went in a vent and she sighed.  “Great”, she said.

Sheriff Brickle jumped up to survey the situation while Boy Person told him not to come in, that he had to pick up pills.  That is when the roach decided to jump out of the vent and on his head before Boy Person about passed out.  We were all in the bedroom by this point with the door closed because we have heard a roach can’t turn a doorknob.  I tell you, things are getting crazy here and if I find a roach in my pancakes, there is gonna be an arrest report so big that even the Sheriff will be impressed.  The criminal is on the loose again.  And we are not happy about it!  He’s back.  And we are about to pack our bags if he doesn’t move out!

-Deputy Digby Pancake



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