One Year And We Won’t Cry

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This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And today? I am arresting sadness. None allowed. We all have to pull together here.
One year ago today, our Granny Person left us. She was the light of our lives. The supplier of peanuts and cookies and popcorn. No, don’t tell me these things aren’t good for dogs. When you are at Granny Person’s house, you gotta just eat.
Girl Person and Granny Person were the best of friends. The best. Age didn’t matter. Granny was at Girl Person’s first day and Girl Person was there on her last. They snuck wine together and whiskey and mojitos. Yeah, you heard me. I only know how to make a barkarita. So I didn’t drink that. Don’t freak out now.
Girl Person has been having a hard time these last few weeks. And she was tired of being sad. One day she told Boy Person that she couldn’t be sad anymore. She couldn’t relive every last day and the bad memories from last year. She decided that what Granny would want us to do was celebrate the time we had with her. Sounds like it would be easy, but it’s not. I can’t lie, I am a Sheriff. I won’t sugar coat things with peanut butter and say that today is not hard at all. It sure is. But what are we going to do for Granny today?
Every day at exactly 6:30 p.m., Girl Person, Digby Pancake and I would head to Granny and Cuddle’s house to watch the evening news, complain about things and eat a lot. If anyone happened to stop by during this time we hid everything promptly. After the news, Girl Person would tell Granny where we had gone that day, what adventures we had, and where we were going the next day.
Last year at this time, there was no “next day”. So we are making today the “next day” to tell Granny about. We are going to do a special hike in honor of Granny. It’s a place we have never been before. It’s a place she would have been scared of us going to because she always thought we would get hurt. But it would have been a place we would have had a lot to tell her about. And you will be able to see it on our Facebook page today.
So you will see that we will be visiting some Florida caves and hiking the whole dern day. In honor of Granny. We miss you Granny. Cuddles is doing so good and misses you too. We will always love you. In Girl Person’s words:
“Granny was my friend. Simple as that. Our friendship knew no bounds by age or time. I always remembered she had once been young, and my age. She looked old, but she wore her age proudly and with purple and rhinestones. She taught the me the beauty of a good meal, burned or not, and that it was delicious when shared with family. I remember every pancake meal with caro syrup and floured, fried bacon. Years later she would get on to me about turning vegetarian, but still tried sushi I brought her. She was a homebody, but loved to hear of our adventures and even our daily hikes with “the boys”. She had an endless supply of peanuts and vanilla wafers and coupons for any item you could ever think of buying. Seems strange to write down these trivial things that mean nothing to anyone else…but to me, that is what was the most special to me. I miss her like nothing else…ever. And I cannot wait to see her again one day. How can a day go by…a year….without her? It doesn’t seem possible. But today, I will celebrate her life and what she meant to me and I will not think about her death. She would tell me to buy a few bottles of red wine and diet coke to mix it with and we would cry. So maybe that’s what I will do after our hike”.
Thanks for being there for us fans. We hope you have a wonderful day and please..cherish the ones you love!
-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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