2 Traveling Dogs Furry Tails-Bedtime Stories For Dogs

It’s true. We read bedtime stories to our dogs!  Why? They love it!  It helps us learn lessons together and spend quality time with each other.  Do they understand?

For 2019, we are excited to bring to you 2 Traveling Dogs Furry Tails-Bedtime Stories For Dogs sponsored by Pet Releaf!  Each month, we will have a new story with a new lesson for your dog.  And don’t forget to see us read each story to Brickle and Digby on our Facebook page.  Scheduled times will be at the end of each story.

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January-The Tail Of Cheetah The Monkey And A Very Tall Tree

February-The Tail Of Dozer The HelpFULL Donkey

March-The Tail Of Jax, The Dog Lost At Sea

April-The Tail Of Sharkee, The Little Shark With A Big Bite

May-The Tail Of Slomo the Sloth And The Very Slow Dance

June-The Tail Of Loco The Lounging Lizard

July-The Tail Of Nuts The Squirrel Who Cracked The Case

August-The Tail Of Drummy The Downy Woodpecker Who Lost His Rhythm

September-The Tail Of Winky The Wise Owl Who Needed Advice

October-The Tail Of Cookie The Bear That Preferred Pizza

November-The Tail Of Butter The Bat, The Best Baker In The Building

December-The Tail Of Ernie and Levi, The 2 Traveling Dogs